Komo’s engagement tools all work in harmony to answer any brief

We close the loop between customer engagement and action. Unleash the true power of branded advertising and use the Komo platform to genuinely connect with your audience. Create powerful, passionate and long-lasting connections with Komo’s unique approach to gamification and content.

The Ultimate engagement platform for Agencies

Komo drives audience engagement

Happy Clients, 
Happy Life

Komo is built with measurement in mind, prove your ROI as you track, capture and motivate customers into action

Komo helps marketing agencies with audience engagement

Go Beyond the View

Komo lets agencies truly connect with their audience, delivering not just better views but customer conversion and actions too

Komo amplifies content engagement through gamification

Supercharge Your Content 
and Media

Use the Komo platform to amplify your content with gamification, dynamic inventory, new sales tools and more creative opportunities


Komo Case Study: Switch Digital

Switch Digital use Komo because it is what their customers are looking for; an important mix between engagement marketing, content generation and gamification.

“Komo is one of the most innovative engagement products homegrown in Australia. The platform is at an important juncture between engagement marketing, content generation and gamification.”

– Lee Stephens, CEO – Switch Digital
Switch Digital's audience engagement campaign with Komo Digital
Komo audience engagement quiz with Mamamia

Happy Clients, Happy Life

Komo is built with measurement in mind, prove your ROI as you analyse, acquire and motivate customers into action

  • Track everything. Komo works with all popular tracking platforms and the team can help configure your analytics for a single source of truth
  • Plug into the Komo Live Dashboard and be able to wow clients with live results
  • Komo goes beyond media tracking; use tools like digital coupons to connect media to sales

Go Beyond The View

Use Komo to create action with your content. Komo makes it easy to capture leads, drive purchases, collect research and more

  • Extend your media partnerships and their relevance to your audience using our platform; whether it’s competitions, audience engagement, training, market research, community building, leaderboards, smart ads, or digital coupons.
  • Reduce the impact of ad fraud and poor view tracking by engaging with real people via our platform
Komo Digital Coupons campaign with Optus
Komo supercharges content and media to boost ROI

Supercharge your content and media

Komo is built to enhance content and media and unlock new ways to connect to audiences

  • Configure your content using our wide range of quiz options to create a more passionate connection with your audience, utilising leading gamification and engagement principles
  • Tap into humanity’s competitive spirit to enhance conversion and brand recall, by deploying competitions and leaderboards
  • Work with an expert creative team at Komo to support your agency and help deliver more for your clients

Powerful features to drive revenue for agencies

Powerful Lead Generation
Powerful lead generation

Create lead generating games and campaigns that track the audience’s actions to their profile, creating a more qualified and richer lead.

Customer Experience Gamified Surveys
CX Gamified surveys

Trigger gamified surveys throughout the Komo ecosystem that reach your audience when they are most receptive.

Immersive Advertising
Immersive advertising

Serve ads based on your audience’s journey increasing the conversion rates over standard display banner ads.

Bespoke Games that increase customer engagement
Bespoke games

The Komo team is capable of building custom games and experiences that push your campaign message further and create greater relevance with your audience.

Talk to us today about your idea or opportunity; nothing is out of scope.

Track results of your gamified campaigns
Google Tag + Facebook Pixel

Brands have the opportunity to insert their own analytics and tracking packages to enable retargeting to their audience.

Komo Competitions

Make any game a competition that is managed within the Komo ecosystem. Komo can be a game of skill where competition permits are not required or a game of chance.

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