Changing the status quo when it comes to audience engagement.

Traditional methods of stadium entertainment are no longer satisfying people’s need to be involved. So, we’re changing that by introducing our purpose-built technology for engaging fans at sporting and other live events. 

Allowing the fans to interact with what’s happening at the event.

Allowing brands to achieve better results from their marketing and sponsorship spend.

Allowing stadiums access to the technology to take live entertainment to the next level.

Introducing Komo LIVE.

Engaging Fans in Stadiums

In the last 15 years in sports arenas and stadiums, there has been very little change in the way audiences are entertained during intermissions like, for instance, half time. Each sport has its own programme of events they use; however, they all have one thing in common – they all involve minimal audience participation.

For example, a typical basketball game may run an entertainment schedule that looks something like:

  • Pre-game entertainment consisting of the home team’s Dance Squad performing a pre-game routine and the then having two competing teams warming up on court. This typically includes a routine of shooting and layup drills to get the players ready for the game.
  • During the first quarter break, there might be an acrobatic dunk team performing a range of energetic and acrobatic dunks.
  • At half-time, which is the main and slightly longer break, it’s often a chance for junior teams to play a mini-game on-court that is sponsored by one of the home team’s main sponsors. 
  • At three-quarter time, most teams will run a half-court shot competition where one lucky pre-registered fan gets the chance to take a half-court shot to win a large amount of cash. 
  • During timeouts, the home team’s dancers entertain the crowd with their dance routines and late in the game will shoot t-shirts and other merchandise into the crowd as giveaways. The t-shirt giveaways are always a crowd favourite.

As you can see, while entertaining, it requires very little active participation from the crowd.

That was something that seemed a little strange to us. So we started to brainstorm ways of getting the audience more engaged with those aspects of the game.

Komo Live was then born.

What is Komo Live

Komo Live allows brands and sporting teams to capture the attention of the entire arena with a gamified and immersive fan experience. It has primarily been designed to be used during half-time breaks of sporting games; however, there are many other opportunities for its use, some of which have been highlighted further down this page. Any event being held in a stadium, that has big screens and a PA system, with a crowd of fans in attendance can benefit from the use of Komo Live to enhance the fan experience. 

We wanted to create technology that allowed fans to get a much richer experience every time they attend their favourite sporting or entertainment event. Changing the fan experience from spectator to an involved participant isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it’s possible. And the outcome is an improved experience for the fans; an increased rate of awareness and consumer engagement for the brand and sponsors; and a more valuable overall product for the event organiser, leading to increased demand and retention for future events. A truly win-win-win situation.

How it Works

Komo LIVE can be utilised in a number of different ways, from a simple audience engagement tool to be used at a half-time break, to a fully integrated piece of technology that enriches the fan experience from the start of the event to the end.

For most uses of Komo LIVE, it can be broken into 3 parts:

  1. A takeover of the in-stadium big screens, Jumbotron, and PA system;
  2. Audience participation via their smartphones; and
  3. An announcement of the winner via the big screens, Jumbotron, and PA system.

As well as these 3 main parts, Komo Live can be used in the lead up to an event to help generate extra buzz and excitement. For example, sharing promo videos and teasers of the experience through social media channels.

In-Stadium Screen Takeover

The main experience starts with a takeover of the stadium’s screens and Jumbotron. This, combined with an announcement over the PA System, draws the crowd’s attention to what’s on the screen. In most cases, it’s going to be an introduction video with a countdown much like this video:

As all eyes are on the screens for this period, focussed in anticipation for Komo LIVE to start, this attention provides an ideal opportunity for sponsors to advertise with high levels of brand recall rates.

While this clock is counting down, the crowd has the opportunity to register via to play the game. Registration includes a name and valid email address, although can be customised to include other details if prefered. A condition of playing is that each person opts into the brand or sponsors marketing list, making it a powerful lead generation and crowd activation tool for brands.

Smartphone Participation

Now is when the crowd gets to participate and enrich their experience.

As the countdown on the big screen hits zero, the Komo LIVE game begins.

The audience is given 2 minutes to answer as many questions as they can for the chance to win the major prize – which can be anything that your sponsors or partners want to provide.

It’s a 2-minute fan frenzy of all-on-all, competing against every other person in the stadium to answer the most questions correctly to win.

Komo LIVE user screenshots

Announcement of Winner

At the end of the 2 minutes (or other predetermined time), the focus goes back to the big screen as it calculates all of the scores and prepares to announce the winner.

Again, as everyone in the stadium is keenly watching the screen to see if they have won, this also represents a perfect time for a sponsor to have their message on the screen as well.

As well as the major prize winner that is announced on-screen, the system can be set to facilitate all participants to receive an additional prize. For example, every person who plays receives a free $10 UberEATS voucher which can be emailed to them upon completion of the game.

How Can Komo Live be Used?

Here is where it starts to get exciting for brands and event organisers. There are so many ways that Komo LIVE can be used to enhance the customer experience. Here are just a few ideas to get your creativity flowing:

  1. As mentioned above, a half-time 2-minute engagement quiz on “How well do you know [home team name]?”
  2. Vote for the game MVP or Best on Ground in real time.
  3. Is [player name] going to make this penalty? while a player lines up for a spot-kick at a soccer game. 
  4. Is [player name] going to get a goal from this free kick or will it be a behind? 
  5. Which song do you want [artist name] to perform on-stage next?

There are two game types – games of chance and games of skill. If it’s a game of chance, there may need to be additional T&C’s and licensing required for the campaign. In these situations, we can advise you on the requirements and help you navigate them.

Why Use Komo Live

“In a world full of daisies, dare to be a rose”
-Matshona Dhliwayo

Komo LIVE is new, cutting-edge technology – in fact, it’s a world-first.

Becoming one of the first organisations in the world to start using this technology to enrich the fan experience will set you apart from the rest of the market and position you as the leader in the field.

The types of outcomes that we can deliver using Komo LIVE are:

  • Increased audience engagement and satisfaction, leading to a more enriched fan experience;
  • Increased brand exposure and recognition;
  • Advertising of a specific offer either on-screen or through the use of email coupons;
  • Perform market research through the use of a quiz type campaign to discover consumer preferences; or
  • Generate leads by using a major prize offering as the hook and having people register to play.

We can also run a campaign with multiple objectives or that operates as part of a larger campaign that includes the use of our Engagement Hub and Digital Coupons.

Find Out More

Interested in finding out more about Komo LIVE? Contact us using the form below and we can discuss your requirements.

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