QuizJam Announces Name Change to Komo

Aaron Dark – 5th Feb, 2019

Today marks the day that QuizJam changes its name to Komo. We’ve loved the name and brand of QuizJam since we started 4 years ago, but we’ve reached a stage where we’ve outgrown it.

Why Change?

A lot of consideration has gone into the decision to make this change.

As a company’s offering matures in its market, change becomes inevitable. As such, it made sense to embrace it now to avoid the pains of rebranding at scale.

We felt that our current branding was restricting our company’s growth and affecting its perception in the market.

We have grown substantially over the last 4 years, and, in particular, over the last 6 months. We have grown from a consumer-focused quiz app into a complete toolbox of audience engagement tools for publishers and brands.

While we will still be providing quizzes as part of our engagement toolkit, our internal workshops concluded that the name QuizJam may be confusing to our clients who may assume that we are just a quiz tool.

We are now so much more than that.

Deciding on the new name

The process of coming up with a new name was a lot harder than we expected.

We wanted something that was simple and memorable but also said who we are.

After spending hours workshopping and brainstorming, we came up with hundreds of possibilities. Our team all individually scored them against our set of core beliefs that we thought were important moving forward. We found a couple of clear winners; none of which held up to a night’s sleeping on it.

Back to square one.

Then, over the Christmas break, the founders, Joel and Glenn, came up with Komo. It was a name that just stuck. Komo is the Hawaiian word for engagement. Quite fitting, given that we are an audience engagement toolkit.

The new brand

Now that the name had been decided, the fun part began.

What was the new brand going to look like?

What were the subtle (and not so subtle) messages that we wanted to convey in the new visuals?

We wanted to maintain a simple colour palette that would work across the mediums where it would be applied. It also needed to maintain the playful nature of the company’s culture, while still looking professional.

Our awesome design team was able to ideate several options quite quickly. From there, it became a team discussion to critique those options and talk through what we liked and didn’t like about them. This was quite interesting as it highlighted just how differently people think and perceive the same visuals.

There were a couple of standout designs that clearly spoke to everyone and conveyed the right message from the get-go, which made the process quite straightforward.

Aaron Dark, Komo’s Lead Designer and Product Manager, commented “QuizJam focused itself on quizzes while Komo (Hawaiian for “Engage”) takes a step back to look at customer engagement as a whole. I wanted to replicate this sentiment through our brand by creating a flexible design system, one that can handle the many ways we engage audiences. The result is a strong wordmark that builds our “k” out of an exclamation mark. A simple icon used throughout history to show surprise, excitement and emphasises any (brand) statement. That’s exactly what we do at Komo.”

Now, for the exciting part…

Introducing the new visuals for Komo:

Komo digital logo
Komo digital logo
Komo Digital 'K' Icons
Komo Digital Features
Komo Digital audience engagement
Komo, the new age of audience engagement tools

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