Case Study: Bathurst 1000 Broadcast Activation

Case Study: Bathurst 1000 Watch and Win Broadcast ActivationThe Bathurst 1000 is a 1,000 km annual V8 Supercars race held in Bathurst, Australia at Mount Panorama Circuit. This event is the biggest event on the V8 Supercars calendar and is a favourite among...

Testimonial: HIF

Testimonial: HIF“On Saturday 21st December 2019, HIF was the official Game Night Partner for the Perth Wildcats vs Melbourne United game at RAC Arena. We ran several brand activations throughout the event, including an innovative crowd engagement piece powered by Komo...

How to Increase Reach through Gamification

Engaging and retaining your current audience is vital to sustainable, successful business, especially in a market as dependent on repeat customers as that of sports brands. Due to the demanding nature of audience retention, it can be all too easy to let an equally important aspect of marketing—increasing your brand’s reach—slip through the cracks.

To combat this very real issue, it is best to utilise each marketing technique to their full potential. What improves engagement should contribute to growing reach in order to maximize your return on investment. In other words, your strategies should work on at least two levels: increased engagement and increased reach.

Introducing Gamification to Your Marketing Strategy

Gamification has long been a tool utilised by businesses to increase employee engagement and improve the effectiveness of job training and has recently made strides in business-to-customer relationships. It has a proven track record in the world of business, making its incorporation into marketing strategies a logical next step.

In fact, introducing gamification to your marketing strategy could make an immediate positive impact. We’re here to make that transition and incorporation as easy as possible, but first, let’s look at some of the basics of gamification.

The Top Trending Content Marketing Tools of 2019

The beauty of the ever-changing, fast-paced modern world is also what makes staying competitive as a brand so challenging: what is trending and effective in content marketing today may be old news tomorrow.

While this constant evolution leads to new and exciting innovations, the inherent difficulties that accompany it are glaringly obvious. From being forced to adapt to inevitably being late to the part on occasion, it is harder than ever for brands to sort through, identify, and stay on top of passing fads and powerful trends.

5 Ways to Increase Your Audience Engagement Rates

Drive down any highly-trafficked highway and you will see billboard after billboard lining the sides of the road. From hotels and restaurants to fuel stations and nearby attractions, each billboard carries a well-defined, targeted advertisement.

You may wonder why an article about increasing audience engagement rates would start with something as static and, let’s face it, dated as highway billboards.

Case Study: Pilot Pens’ 100 Year Anniversary

Switch Digital and Pilot Pens engaged Komo to help bring to life Pilot Pens’ massive 100-year anniversary milestone. We proudly helped Pilot Pens engage over 3600 people using our Engagement Hub technology to take an interesting approach on getting consumers excited about pens and the company’s history.

Case Study: H&M Kids

Sometimes we work with small brands that are just starting to establish themselves on a global scale; other times we work with large brands that are household names. For this campaign, we were able to drive industry-leading engagement rates for the second largest retail clothing company in the world, along with a Komo ‘Smart Ad’ click-through-rate that was 615x better than the industry average rate.

Case Study: Expedia

Interactive brand exposure to 7,200+ people over the span of 28 days with a market-leading conversion rate and a near perfect engagement rate. That’s what happened when Expedia and Mamamia partnered with Komo to run a unique digital campaign designed to help people discover their ideal holiday destination.

Read on to find out how we did it.

Case Study: Suncorp #teamgirls

In order to raise awareness for the #teamgirls movement, we worked with Suncorp and Mamamia to achieve an unprecedented level of audience engagement in a short period of time. The results were so strong that the 4-week campaign had reached its expected KPIs by the end of the first week! That’s what can happen when you mix the right creatives with the right technology.

Case Study: Arnott’s TimTam

Introducing 7000 people to new flavours of an iconic Australian chocolate biscuit in a highly engaging manner through a gamified audience engagement campaign. That’s what happened when Komo partnered with Tim Tam and Mamamia as part of their #sharetheslam Tim Tam Slam campaign.

Read on to hear about one of the tastiest campaigns we’ve run.

QuizJam Rebrands as Komo

Joel Steel, CEO of QuizJam, announced this week that the company will officially be rebranding to Komo as of the 1st February 2019.

Joel explained that the new name and brand reflected the much broader range of digital engagement tools they now offer, and the current name pigeonholed them into just being a quiz widget.

What changing to means for partners

What changing to means for partnersGlenn Morton - 4th Feb, 2019If you haven't seen the announcement, QuizJam is now Komo; read the full announcement here. So what does it mean for new and existing partners? Over the next month, we will be gradually...

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