Introducing 7000 people to new flavours of an iconic Australian chocolate biscuit in a highly engaging manner through a gamified audience engagement campaign. That’s what happened when Komo partnered with Tim Tam and Mamamia as part of their #sharetheslam Tim Tam Slam campaign.

Read on to hear about one of the tastiest campaigns we’ve run.

Some Background Info

Arnott’s Tim Tam is known as Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit and has been bringing people together to enjoy the irresistible treat for over 50 years.

#FunFact: Over 670 million Tim Tams are made every year and Arnott’s estimates that 90% of Australians have eaten a Tim Tam biscuit. How’s that for market penetration!

If you have not yet had an experience with Tim Tam, they’re one of the best creations of all time. A chocolate biscuit consisting of two malted biscuits separated by a light chocolate cream filling and then coated in a layer of chocolate. Yes, they are as epic as they sound.

Please note, we recommend reading this case study while eating a packet of Tim Tams.

Campaign Objective

Arnott’s had recently created the hashtag #sharetheslam to promote ‘our favourite way to enjoy a Tim Tam.’

That favourite way was, of course, the Tim Tam Slam. Now, most Tim Tam lovers have, at some point, done a Tim Tam slam. For those who haven’t yet tried it, head over to this guide by our publishing partner, Mamamia, and find out what all the fuss is about.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any future Tim Tam Slam addiction that you experience after trying one for the first time.

As part of the #sharetheslam initiative, Arnotts also wanted to create a unique, interactive campaign that engaged Tim Tam fans and increased market awareness for the different flavours of Tim Tam biscuits.

Creativity Unfolded

This was a campaign the Komo team had a lot of fun with. Mostly because it was an excuse to buy a heap of packs of Tim Tams and eat them under the guise of campaign research.

Once we had consumed half of Australia’s national supply of the amazing chocolate biscuits, we were armed with enough product experience to brainstorm how the campaign would work. This activity also helped us to better understand the mindset and motivations of the consumer – understanding the consumer is always a key part of our process when we’re creating gamified marketing campaigns.

The campaign was to run as part of a fun article that Mamamia was planning. Komo has worked with Mamamia on a number of campaigns already so we already had a good understanding of each other’s areas of expertise which allowed us to collaborate and achieve some extraordinary results.

We used our core technology embedded into a post on the Mamamia website titled, ‘Which Tim Tam flavour should you slam with? Take this quiz to find out.’

The concept for the campaign was to develop a series of questions that were fun and entertaining that could point towards a preference for a certain flavour of Tim Tam, potentially introducing people to a new flavour to try.

Below is a copy of the quiz we created for the campaign. Click through and you’ll see why we were able to get such high engagement rates. You’ll also notice the additional opportunities that exist while going through the quiz to include strong CTAs to drive direct action as well as awareness and branding.

Market Research

The secondary purpose of the questions was to provide Arnott’s with some extra insights about their customer base. Our technology is extremely effective for market research purposes as it is performed in a non-intrusive manner that doesn’t alienate the consumer or make them feel like they’re being interrogated. Our tech includes the consumer in a gamified conversation, resulting in a positive brand experience for the consumer and key insights for the brand. A truly win-win situation.

Creating Virality

While the audience for this campaign was provided mostly by Mamamia, we did help the Tim Tam brand reach new audiences through the creation of viral opportunities within the quiz.

Mamamia TimTam Komo campaign

A key part of all of our technology is based on people’s desire to share their lives with their friends and family. So, we make it as easy as possible for them to achieve this desire.

In this case, it was through the inclusion of social sharing functionality so that people could share their results and Tim Tam Slam flavour preference with their friends, while the brand gets additional exposure and engagement as a result.

The overall design of the campaign strategy also encouraged people to get their friends involved in the quiz and compare results. This resulted in a lot of people tagging their friends and commenting on the Mamamia Facebook posts with their recommended flavour.

The Results

The big problem that most brands have when it comes to measuring the results of a campaign, especially when the main objective is brand awareness, is that there are no clear indicators of success. That makes it hard to measure the actual impact of a campaign. Success is generally measured by the total number of brand impressions (reach) without knowing whether people have engaged with the brand or even actually noticed it.

This is a key point of difference when using the Komo engagement suite. While we can still measure those vanity metrics of reach, impressions, and unique daily visitors, we can also measure how people actually engaged with your brand and the impact that has over time.

For this campaign, which ran for 4 weeks, we were able to measure data such as how many times the Tim Tam quiz was played and every step of the process through to the number of people who clicked on each of the Komo ‘Smart Ads’ which represented each flavour.

Mamamia TimTam Komo campaign

Because of the depth of our measurement data, we know that we engaged with a little over 6,000 unique people who played the game almost 7,000 times in total. The first thing you’ll notice is that one of those figures is bigger than the other. The quiz we created was engaging enough that people actually played it multiple times over the campaign period – and more since, as while the campaign has officially ended, the Mamamia article and the Komo quiz are still live and active and still being played to this day. In terms of total engagement time, we were able to provide a total of over 116 hours of total brand engagement for Tim Tam.

We know that 92% of people who started the quiz answered every question to the end and received their personalised result. There could be a number of reasons behind this result, which represents an engagement rate that most brands only dream of. Firstly, the Tim Tam brand has extremely high market penetration already which would have been a factor. Secondly, the Komo technology has been designed to keep people interested at every step – mix that with the creativity and design talent within our team and you have a campaign that breaks all barriers.

Let’s Work Together

As you can imagine, this was a brand that we absolutely loved working with and can’t wait for the next campaign that we run with Tim Tam and Mamamia.

What brand do you represent? We’d love to hear from you, learn more about your brand, and discuss how we can work together on your next gamified marketing campaign.

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