Sometimes we work with small brands that are just starting to establish themselves on a global scale; other times we work with large brands that are household names. For this campaign, we were able to drive industry-leading engagement rates for the second largest retail clothing company in the world, along with a Komo ‘Smart Ad’ click-through-rate that was 615x better than the industry average rate.

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Some Background Info

H&M is a popular Swedish clothing retailer with stores across the globe. To say they are large would be like saying the universe is ‘quite big.’ H&M has 4,800 stores globally, making them the second-largest clothing retailer in the world.

To say that we were quite chuffed to be working with such a large, international, market-leading brand would also be understating our level of excitement.

Campaign Objective

H&M had recently launched their new Spring Kids Range and wanted to help reach parents and help them match their kid’s personalities to a clothing style.

We could tell from the get-go that this was not going to be an easy task! Kids are complex people, so trying to profile their personality and match it to a style within H&M’s range was going to take a lot of brainstorming and creative thinking from our team.

But our team thrives on challenging campaigns and we were certainly up to this one.

Creativity Unfolded

We were lucky enough to be working with Mamamia again on this campaign; they were providing the audience for the campaign by way of an article on their website and distribution through their social media channels. With that side being taken care of, it allowed us to focus solely on getting the audience to engage with the content and click through to relevant areas of H&M’s website.

Our creative team designed an interactive personality quiz that parents could complete to work out what H&M clothing style their kids are best suited to for the Spring/Summer season. We tested the quiz quite thoroughly with the parents in the office to see how accurate the results actually were. We nailed it!

Having people on our team that fit the outline of who the target market is made the creative side of this project a lot easier. With every project we work on, we like to develop a strong understanding of who the target market is so that we can really get to know what their core drivers and motivations are. We feel it is one of the reasons why our campaigns get such strong results.

Here’s a copy of the quiz we designed so you can get a feel of the type of user-experience we can create:

Reaching New Audiences via Social Channels

As previously mentioned, the core audience and distribution for this campaign was being provided by our publishing partner, Mamamia. However, that didn’t mean that we didn’t build as many opportunities for virality into the campaign as possible.

A core reason why our technology helps brands reach new audiences on every campaign we run is the viral engine that we’ve built into it.

We’ve made it as simple as possible for people who engage with our product – in this case, a personality quiz – to share it wide and far to everyone they know via their social media accounts. Every quiz ended with a screen that encouraged people to share their results to their chosen social profile so they can compare results with their friends. A feature that has proven to be extremely popular and has considerably increased the reach of every campaign we’ve run.

Mamamia H&M Facebook Post

Gaining Valuable Market Insights

A secondary benefit that brands receive from partnering with Komo is the ability to conduct market research in a fun and non-intrusive way that doesn’t alienate their customers.

For this campaign with H&M, we were able to provide insights on trends from preferred colour choice and style to which celebrities would potentially make the best brand ambassadors or influencers. As you can imagine, that’s powerful data that H&M can use over the next couple of years to provide a better product that really fits their audience’s preferences.

Market research is important for every business as the more a business knows about their customer base, the better they can provide value to them in the future. The problem with most market research activities is they can be quite intrusive from the customer’s point-of-view.

Our gamified approach means the customer enjoys the experience and that in turn results in a stronger connection with the brand.

The Results

This campaign was targeted toward a very specific demographic which allowed us to deliver an engagement rate for H&M that was well above expectation.

Mamamia H&M Facebook Post

The personality quiz was initiated by 1,585 parents over the campaign time frame with 1,296 quizzes being completed to the end. That’s 1,585 people within H&M’s target demographic engaging with their brand in a fun and non-salesy way, resulting in a positive brand experience.

However, results are measured in more than just quiz completion rates and brand engagement, even if we have delivered industry-leading results.

Results are also measured by how many of those engaged people were interested in taking action at the end of the quiz.

According to Google’s Doubleclick for Publishers data, the average click-through-rate (CTR) for digital display advertising is 0.05%. Using the Komo ‘Smart Ads’ that we integrated into this campaign, we were able to achieve a CTR of 30.75%. We’ll let that number speak for itself!

How Can You Get These Results?

You’re likely wondering what you have to do to get engagement rates and CTRs that are as high as we achieved on this campaign. Let us help you! Reach out, let’s have a chat so we can learn a little (or a lot) about your brand and what you are currently doing to drive engagement. We can then create a bespoke digital campaign that is aligned with your brands marketing objectives and makes you look great to both your customers and your boss.

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