Case Study: Pilot Pens’ 100 Year Anniversary

Switch Digital and Pilot Pens engaged Komo to help bring to life Pilot Pens’ massive 100-year anniversary milestone. We proudly helped Pilot Pens engage over 3,600 people using our Engagement Hub technology to take an interesting approach on getting consumers excited about pens and the company’s history.

Background Info

Pilot Pens originated in Japan in 1918 under the name of Namiki Manufacturing Company. It wasn’t until 1938 that the name was officially changed to Pilot Pens. Pilot Pens produces a variety of writing instruments and stationery but is best known for its pens.

Campaign Objectives

Most would agree that pens aren’t usually the forefront of an exhilarating conversation. Although in saying that, Pilot Pens is very much a household name. The company’s brand has a strong presence and is one of the most recognised in the stationery vertical.  Brands typically don’t get to that level without having an interesting story of their journey and history. The hard part is telling that story in a way that meets the business objectives of a campaign.

Switch Digital, the agency that was managing the campaign for Pilot Pens, identified that Pilot Pens’ primary objective was to engage with their loyal customers to help celebrate their 100 Year Anniversary. A secondary objective was to boost brand awareness among consumers who may not have used their products previously. In order to deliver the campaign objectives, both Switch Digital and Pilot Pens wanted to run a campaign that was a little different to anything they had done in the past.

Campaigns that are different is what Komo specialises in. We’ve developed a custom suite of audience engagement tools that was designed specifically for this purpose.

Discover the Ultimate Engagement Platform

Already aware of what the Komo product suite is capable of, Switch Digital enlisted us to collaborate on the campaign to create a unique, interactive experience for users and hit the campaign goals.

The early concept was to give consumers the chance to learn more about Pilot Pens’ 100-year history. Pilot Pens communicated that they wanted to build excitement around the brand, strengthen brand awareness, and curate a database of leads that could be nurtured towards becoming customers.

One of the strengths of the Komo toolkit is its ability to generate leads at a much higher conversion rate than any other platform that we’re aware of. We believe that the reason behind this is the “user-experience comes first” mindset that we use when designing how our products work. If the user enjoys the experience, they’re more likely to enter their details into a lead-capture form.

Drawing up the Campaign

The fun part where we get to unleash our creative side and use a heap of those Pilot Pens while drawing and brainstorming on large pieces of butchers’ paper.

The result of the creative sessions was to design a series of fun, interactive quizzes that encouraged users to learn about Pilot Pens’ interesting history. Check out the range of games we created for the campaign here:

The Engagement Hub was embedded on the Pilot Pens website for the duration of the campaign. As you can see, the content was colourful, attractive and highly engaging which was key to keeping users on-site for as long as possible.

Head over to the Pilot Pens 100 Year Anniversary landing page for the campaign and see how it was all put together in one seamless experience.

Market Research

An added bonus with the use of the Komo Engagement Suite is that brands can also use the campaign to collect market research data. This can be achieved through strategically designed questions that are answered as part of the quiz process. As it’s performed in a gamified manner, the user still has a positive experience through the whole process. In a traditional market research process, the consumer can often find it boring and then associates those negative feelings with that brand.

The beauty of our non-intrusive methods is that they allow the consumer to engage with your content, without adversely affecting their experience. Traditional ‘in your face’ market research strategies can frustrate consumers and result in a negative impact on the brand. By using Komo’s non-intrusive market research technology, it’s a win-win situation for both the brand and consumer.

By partnering with Komo, Pilot Pens was able to collect market research data from consumers in this non-intrusive manner.

In this 8-week campaign with Pilot Pens, we were able to provide valuable information and insights that could be used to improve the outcomes of future marketing campaigns as well as guide product development to ensure they are hitting the needs of their key markets.

The Results

There were a series of different games that were included as part of the Engagement Hub that was created for this campaign. Overall, more than 5,700 games were played with a market-leading completion rate of 87%.

The most popular of all the games we created was the one titled ‘Biggest global moments over the past century! Do you know them?’ This quiz helped Pilot Pens tell some of their back story and highlight some of the key dates in their history. This quiz was also able to generate over 1,800 leads for Pilot Pens, with a lead-form completion rate of 47.7%. An opt-in rate that would make Hubspot quite jealous! (Hey, Hubspot, let’s chat).

All up, the campaign resulted in over 230 hours of branded, interactive engagement. The only way we consistently get results like this is because our product toolkit allows for the creation of highly engaging campaigns that people love to play and share. Taking a user-experience focused approach to every campaign we run ensures we get the best possible outcomes every time.

How can you do the same?

Komo has a fantastic way of customising each of our products to suit your specific campaign and brand needs. Whether you are looking to generate leads, learn more about your consumer base, increase traffic and on-site engagement, Komo can create a campaign to suit your needs.

Fill in the form to contact us today and let our creative team work with you to find out how your brand can gain deeper engagement on your next campaign.

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