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Case Study: Suncorp #teamgirls

Jason Balchand – 5th Feb, 2019

In order to raise awareness for the #teamgirls movement, we worked with Suncorp and Mamamia to achieve an unprecedented level of audience engagement in a short period of time. The results were so strong that the 4-week campaign had reached its expected KPIs by the end of the first week! That’s what can happen when you mix the right creatives with the right technology.

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Background Info

Suncorp is another well-known Australian brand that we’ve had the pleasure of working with. They operate in the finance and insurance sector and are one of the biggest brands in that sector.

Suncorp is also a sponsor of Netball Australia and the name rights sponsor of the Suncorp Super Netball League.

Goals & Objectives

Suncorp wanted to run a campaign that would highly engage their audience and result in a measurable uplift in awareness for the #teamgirls movement.

The #teamgirls movement is a collaborative effort between Suncorp, ReachOut, and Netball Australia that aims to promote and foster girls’ confidence through sports participation.

Creativity Unfolded

This was another campaign that we were running in collaboration with Mamamia. We came up with the campaign idea quite quickly on this one. We thought, given the goal (pardon the pun) of getting more girls participating in sports and the connection with Netball Australia, it made sense to run a personality quiz to help girls with the most important game decision; what position should I play?

The concept was very simple; a series of life questions that would give the girls a laugh as they went through them, which then resulted in a recommendation of the netball position they may be best suited to play.

The quiz was to be embedded in an article written by the Mamamia team, Let’s Play: What netball position were you born to play? Take this quiz to find out.

Below is an example of the quiz that we created to be embedded in the campaign:

Leveraging the Power of Social Media

One of the key drivers of the success of this campaign was social media distribution.

Mamamia Expedia Facebook Post

The article was initially distributed through Mamamia’s social media channels which drove the initial audience to the article and quiz. In order to boost the effectiveness of this audience, the quiz had virality modules in-built, designed to increase social reach. The Komo product suite was created with virality in mind. We realised that people are social creatures and have a fundamental want to share their lives with their friends. With this in mind, all campaigns that we run utilise this virality module so that the overall reach of the campaign is maximised.

This campaign was no different. Without taking advantage of the social media virality that our campaigns offer, the campaign would not have seen the same level of success that it did.

Mamamia Expedia Facebook Post

Getting Buckets

The results from this campaign were massive and although we can’t measure how many girls went out and joined a netball team and are on their journey to become the next Australian Diamonds player, the awareness that it drove beat all expectations.

Mamamia Expedia Facebook Post

The quiz saw 19,370 people start playing during the official campaign period. The quiz is still live and people are still playing today.

Of those 19,370 people, more than 16,000 reached the results page which also featured the Komo ‘Smart Ads’ which were used to further promote the #TeamGirls movement. That’s a completion rate of 84%! Putting that in terms of total engagement, we were able to measure that there was a total of 485 hours of total time that consumers were actively engaged with the Suncorp #teamgirls brand. That’s almost 13 work weeks for those working a 9-5.

The campaign actually reached its target KPIs in the first week of the campaign. We believe that one of the core reasons behind this was that our creative team was able to create campaign assets that were highly engaging and matched the target demographic perfectly. This resulted in a highly engaged audience that amplified the reach by sharing with friends to compare results and continue the conversation both online through social media as well as offline.

In a normal campaign, we would use a Komo ‘Smart Ad’ on the results page to drive a specific and highly personalised call-to-action. For this campaign, we still used the Komo ‘Smart Ad’s’; however, we used them in a slightly different way. The goal of the campaign was to increase awareness for the #teamgirls movement. As this didn’t require a click-through to a specific webpage, we used the ads to further spread the #teamgirls message.

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Your Turn

There are so many ways the Komo technology suite can be used to increase the engagement rates for your next campaign. From increasing the awareness of your product or cause to directly driving conversions that can be measured and tracked, Komo can help.

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