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Mamamia loves Komo because it’s such a valuable tool in their digital sales-kit, adding another layer to their offering and further distinguishing them in the market.
An example of the campaign Komo ran for Mamamia

Watch how QuizJam smashed Suncorp’s campaign goals!

Mamamia has partnered with Komo on these campaigns

Case Study: H&M Kids

Sometimes we work with small brands that are just starting to establish themselves on a global scale; other times we work with large brands that are household names. For this campaign, we were able to drive industry-leading engagement rates for the second largest retail clothing company in the world, along with a Komo ‘Smart Ad’ click-through-rate that was 615x better than the industry average rate.

Case Study: Expedia

Interactive brand exposure to 7,200+ people over the span of 28 days with a market-leading conversion rate and a near perfect engagement rate. That’s what happened when Expedia and Mamamia partnered with Komo to run a unique digital campaign designed to help people discover their ideal holiday destination.

Read on to find out how we did it.

Case Study: Suncorp #teamgirls

In order to raise awareness for the #teamgirls movement, we worked with Suncorp and Mamamia to achieve an unprecedented level of audience engagement in a short period of time. The results were so strong that the 4-week campaign had reached its expected KPIs by the end of the first week! That’s what can happen when you mix the right creatives with the right technology.

Case Study: Arnott’s TimTam

Introducing 7000 people to new flavours of an iconic Australian chocolate biscuit in a highly engaging manner through a gamified audience engagement campaign. That’s what happened when Komo partnered with Tim Tam and Mamamia as part of their #sharetheslam Tim Tam Slam campaign.

Read on to hear about one of the tastiest campaigns we’ve run.


“The Komo platform allows Mamamia to interact with our audience on a completely new level. Our community is incredibly passionate and engaged, but Komo allows us and our brand partners to communicate with them in a unique way that adds value on so many levels. It is now a valuable tool in our digital sales-kit, adding another layer to our offering that distinguishes us in the market, giving us another way to help brands connect with our audience in a meaningful and shareable way.”

– Steve Marshell, Head of Sales – Mamamia

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