The West Winds Gin

Chosen as our World Cup 2018 exclusive brand partner, The West Winds Gin used Komo for customer insights to their existing product catalogue while generating qualified leads.

Australia’s Champion Gins, The West Winds Gins, are premium artisan gins distilled in Margaret River, Western Australia from native Australian botanicals.


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The problem

The West Winds Gin came to us with perceptions of what gin drinkers preferred but wanted hard data to back that up. They wanted to increase brand awareness while creating qualified leads that could be targeted when launching new products.

What we did

The West Winds brand launched into 2 apps within our publishers – Sportsmate – app suite, World Soccer Live and Footy Live. We ran competitions that included The West Winds Gin as prizes to entice engagement, which we split into Major and Minor prize draws.

The major prize draw gave an entry to each user every time they completed a quiz. This caused unprecedented levels of engagement and allowed The West Winds to get answers to multiple survey questions placed throughout the quizzes.

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The minor prize ran through 12 games of the World Cup Russia 2018 and AFL 2018 Season, with entries only given to the users who could correctly predict the outcome of the games.

“Which Gin matches your personality?” was a personality quiz that would link the user to a product of The West Winds Gin, along with an ad to buy now and discount code. This gave users the chance to buy the gin they were matched with at a discounted price.

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The West Winds Gin

“Komo allowed us to engage with a demographic that was outside of our normal marketing channels. Through Komo’s gamified techniques we were also able to educate thousands of Australians about the West Winds Gin brand in an interesting and engaging manner. We increased our email database by more than 50% with qualified leads within 18 days and discovered some revealing insights about Australian Gin drinkers, which will influence future campaigns and product direction. Komo has been eager to help throughout the process and always provided more value with great ideas on how to get the most out of our campaign – we couldn’t have been happier!”

– Paul White, CEO – The West Winds Gin

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