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Engage your audience

Use Komo for more effective customer research

Real Customer Knowledge at your fingertips

Say goodbye to expensive and nebulous audience panels, focus groups and studies and talk to your actual customers, fans and target audience. Komo provides an unique approach to market research, using our gamification principles and smart tracking technology to create frictionless opportunities to learn from your audience.

Komo audience engagement and lead generation

Unique Lead Generation

Seamlessly capture audience details through the Komo engagement platform. Our platform offers multiple tactics to not only capture their details in the height of engagement but also to motivate further actions such as in-store sales.

supercharge your content through gamification

Supercharge your content and media

Use the Komo platform to go beyond the view, amplify your content and media with gamification, dynamic inventory, new sales tools and more creative engagements.


3AW used Komo to engage their audience on their website using our Engagement Hub/Platform. Macquarie was able to maintain their traffic throughout the AFL off-season while gathering vital information about the opinions of 3AW listeners and how the broadcast can be improved.

“When we started using The Komo platform/hub in the offseason we thought we would have a quiet launch, instead we saw traffic and conversations like we were in the middle of the season. We saw this an opportunity to learn more from a highly engaged audience and already we are making changes to our broadcast as a result.”

– Tony Wilkinson – National Commercial Manager – Sports & Sponsorship, Macquarie Media
Example of Komo audience Engagement Hub used by Macquarie
Example of gamified marketing campaign with Expedia

Real Customer Knowledge at your Fingertips

Komo’s smart ad system allows you to tailor your ads to your audiences journey and create a stronger emotional connection between Ad and Content.

  • Deliver ads based on the customer journey in sync with targeting determined in your DMP
  • Reduce banner blindness by tailoring your ads to content being consumed, making them more relevant, engaging and desirable
  • Motivate your audience into direct action utilising our platforms tools such as digital coupons and incentive driven competitions

Unique lead generation

Seamlessly capture audience details through the KOMO engagement platform. Our platform offers multiple tactics to capture their details in the height of engagement.

  • We understand incentives and how to establish the value exchange that results in higher data acquisition, let us work with you to ensure efficient lead generation
  • Our platform uses GDPR compliant data capture, with the flexibility to control what customer data is captured, how it is stored and how to integrate it into your CRM.
Example of gamified lead generation campaign

Supercharge your content and media

Use the Komo platform to go beyond the view, amplify your content and media with gamification, dynamic inventory, new sales tools and more creative engagements.

  • Deploy Komo on any screen to move customers from discovery through to affinity and loyalty
  • Tap into humanity’s competitive spirit to enhance conversion and brand recall, by deploying competitions and leaderboards
  • H&M received a 40% CTR using the Komo dynamic ad system with a personality driven customer journey

Powerful features to drive revenue

Build your own content

Create your own branded content, track the success with the in-depth analytics suite and export data to your own marketing stack all using the Komo Platform

Supercharge your socials

Link and track quizzes directly from Facebook, Instagram and EDMs, we work everywhere you do.

Omnichannel technology

Wherever your customer engagement is needed – Komo can be there. We’ll bend it like Beckham to make sure our tech fits seamlessly with every vertical you need us to work with.

Engage with customers on their channels, Komo is an omnichannel platform that can integrate where ever you need it.

20+ Games to choose from… And growing!

A game for every outcome, with over 20 formats to choose from and the ability to customise your own, Komo ensures you never miss an audience engagement

Turn anything into a competition

Any game within the platform can be augmented with a consumer competition, facilitating both games of skill and chance, leverage the competitive human spirit today.

Multilayered Leaderboards

Use leaderboards to build community and drive social competition. Leaderboards can be set to a season length to boost engagement throughout a period.

Tap into your audience’s competitive nature and use leaderboards to build a community on top of your engagements. Leaderboards are a great way to ensure long term engagement for your brand.

That’s only the beginning, read about all of the features

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