Powerful features to drive revenue

Build your own content

Create your own branded content, track the success with the in-depth analytics suite and export data to your own marketing stack all using the Komo Platform

Supercharge your socials

Link and track quizzes directly from Facebook, Instagram and EDMs, we work everywhere you do.

Immersive advertising

Embed directly into existing websites
Embed inside existing apps
Create stand-alone URLs

Wherever your customer engagement is needed – Komo can be there. We’ll bend it like Beckham to make sure our tech fits seamlessly with every vertical you need us to work with.

CX Gamified Surveys

Trigger gamified surveys throughout the Komo ecosystem that reach customers when they are most receptive.

One-tap Calendar Integration

When a user clicks on a call to action, a meeting invite is automagically added to their calendar.

Google Tag Manager + Facebook

Brands have the opportunity to insert their own analytics and tracking packages to enable retargeting to their audience.


Komo games are a great way to make the boring stuff fun and with Explainers, you can further educate or engage them outside of the standard gameplay.

20+ Games to choose from… And growing!

A game for every outcome, with over 20 formats to choose from and the ability to customise your own, Komo ensures you never miss an audience engagement

Turn anything into a competition

Any game within the platform can be augmented with a consumer competition, facilitating both games of skill and chance, leverage the competitive human spirit today.

Multilayered Leaderboards

Use leaderboards to build community and drive social competition. Leaderboards can be set to a season length to boost engagement throughout a period.

Tap into your audience’s competitive nature and use leaderboards to build a community on top of your engagements. Leaderboards are a great way to ensure long term engagement for your brand.

Powerful Lead Generation

Create lead generating games and campaigns that attach the user actions to their ID, creating a more qualified and richer lead.

Digital Coupons

Special offer ads are designed to be placed as a reward at the end of a game. The user opts in to receive a special offer or digital coupon which is automatically emailed to them.

Komo Live

Capture the attention of an entire arena with an interactive live quiz experience at any live event.

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