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Engagement Hub on-site audience engagement

The Engagement Hub

The Engagement Hub uses quiz-based entertainment to engage and develop stronger relationships with your consumers.

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The Engagement Hub will enable you to:

Video Quizzes

Video Quizzes

The Engagement Hub allows you to show a video –  e.g., a TVC or highlights clip – and then ask questions based on that video to reinforce the message and ensure consumers were paying attention. 

  • Consumers find video content more engaging, so using video combined with gamification results in extremely high engagement rates coupled with sharable content.
  • Users must pay attention to the video content so they can answer the questions correctly which, when used strategically, can be very powerful in conveying your key messages.
Personality quizzes

Personality Quizzes

Personality quizzes are the quiz type that gets the most social shares from consumers. That’s because the end result is hyper-personalised to the individual who has taken the quiz and usually resonates deeply with them.

The Engagement Hub supercharges the personality quiz by:

  • Attaching a highly targeted ad to each personality outcome, allowing you to maximise the CTR on those ads.
  • Allowing gamified market research to be performed through the quiz process, resulting in very high response rates.
Ranked list quizzes

Ranked Lists

Ranked Lists are a game type that allow you to ask consumers to rank a series of options to answer a question.

e.g., Rank these players based on who you think is the MVP.

Ranked Lists are an essential addition to your gamified content marketing toolkit as they can be used as a powerful market research tool. Use them to really understand how your consumers think and what their preferences are. Then use that preference data to inform your forward strategy.

Explainers after quizzes


Education can be a fun method of engaging an audience and deepening a brand’s connection with them.

Explainers can be added to any quiz except personality quizzes. Use them to explain the answer to a question or to provide a bit of fun history around your brand.

schedule quiz content in advance

Scheduled Content

Drip feed content to your consumers and encourage them to return to your site regularly.

  • Build habits by incentivising consumers to check your page for new content.
  • Increase the frequency in which the consumers return.
  • Always keep your consumers wanting more – the same way that TV shows always end on a cliff-hanger that makes you want to watch the next episode.
  • Build anticipation in the consumers’ mind by unlocking content at the same time every week!
quiz insights dashboard

Insights Dashboard

Understand how your content is performing in a very simple to understand dashboard.

At a glance, you can see:

  • Which are the strongest performing games.
  • How many consumers have played and registered.
  • How long have consumers spent engaging with your content.
  • How many times your content has been shared across social media channels.
quiz leaderboards


Leverage the natural competitive nature of consumers to keep them coming back regularly.

Leaderboards are a very effective principle of gamification that has a strong positive effect on engagement and user-retention.

  • Encourage consumers to play multiple games.
  • Capture lead data through the sign-in process.
  • Build retention-loops that encourage consumers to return to your site regularly.
  • Increase time consumers spend on-site by giving them a psychological reason to stay.
digital billboard ads

Digital Billboards

Display key campaign messaging in a prime placement on your Engagement Hub.

  • 100% viewability – these billboards are not blocked by ad-blockers.
  • Use the Billboards to explain why consumers should play the games. E.g., Win great prizes.
  • Display one Billboard or have a carousel of multiple billboards.
  • Sell Billboards to your sponsors as part of a sponsorship package.
Perform gamified market research

Market Research

One of the most powerful features of the Komo Engagement Hub is the ability to integrate gamified market research questions into gameplay.

Gain a deeper understanding of your consumers and use it to laser-target future marketing offers.

Capture leads and data

Capture Leads

All of Komo’s products have been built with an understanding that there needs to be a commercial return for you.

The Engagement Hub allows you multiple options for collecting leads based on your campaign priorities.

create viral campaigns

Social Virality

Extend your total audience reach by leveraging the principles of viral loops.

When a consumer finishes playing each game, they are prompted to share to their social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Because gamified content is highly sharable, especially personality quizzes, it typically results in high share rates. This exposes your brand and content to new audiences with the added trust that results from a friend’s recommendation.

Granular retargeting on quiz content

Granular Retargeting

Simple integration with Google Tag Manager means you can fire any analytics or pixel code throughout the entire activation process. E.g.,

  • Facebook pixel.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Adobe Analytics.

You can then use it to build a specific remarketing audience based on how consumers answer a specific question.

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