Engage your fans, everywhere!

Capture the attention of every fan, both in-stadium and at home, through a highly interactive digital experience and in the same process, create the ultimate commercial outcome for you and your partners.

The Entertainment Hub audience engagement

The Entertainment Hub

The Komo Entertainment Hub is a digital activation platform that enables you to actively engage and commercialise your audience through fun and immersive gamified content.

in arenas and stadiums

In Arenas & Stadiums

Activate large audiences at sporting games, concerts, conferences, and events.

broadcast activation

Across a Broadcast

Reach your audience through a broadcast feed whether it be TV or Radio and engage them with gamified content, collecting data in the process.

Digital marketing channels

Across Digital Channels

Use Komo LIVE as a digital marketing tool to capture and engage your audience in the digital and OTT worlds.

The Entertainment Hub will enable you to:

Instant audience polls

Run Instant Polls

Get real-time insights into consumer sentiment.

Want to engage your fans and run a poll on an in-the-moment topic? Our Polls feature allows you to do this. Polls can be used to ask your audience:

  • who is their pick for game MVP;
  • do they prefer Android or iPhone;
  • what their favourite Star Wars movie is; or
  • what they want to see across future broadcasts.

This is only limited by your imagination and the content can be planned in advance or reactive based on what is happening live.

Video cards

Video Cards

Increase your airtime without adjusting your broadcast schedule.

Push your audience to a simple URL to watch a sponsored video as either a standalone campaign or as part of a wider activation.

E.g., watch this video and play a game of Live Trivia to win prize ‘x’ (where the questions are based on the video content, ensuring your sponsors get maximum impact).

Digital quizzes

Quick Quizzes

The Entertainment Hub allows you to run either the full ‘Komo Live Trivia’ quiz or a simple one-click quiz to quickly engage your audience.

Use it to increase the engagement that viewers have with each broadcast by adding an interactive element to it.

Quick, branded content like this draws on authenticity to captivate the attention of fans, drawing them in to continue participating and wanting more.



Engage your audience through the use of checklists and test their knowledge on a particular topic or to see how much attention they’ve been paying to the content being broadcast.

Add in social sharing and you have a recipe for success that can increase your overall exposure and introduce potential new viewers to your broadcast.

fun facts

Did You Know?

Fun facts have always been a popular way of engaging and educating an audience. People enjoy learning interesting snippets of trivia about topics in which they have an interest.

Couple that with passionate sports fans and you have the features to continually optimise the fans’ experience. 

image ads

Image Cards

The Komo Entertainment Hub also allows you to take it back-to-basics and run image cards to display your brand message or promotion.

These image cards can also be accompanied by a CTA button to drive direct consumer action.

demo entertainment hub

See it in Action

The easiest way to understand how it works is to see it in real-time.

Click the link below to see the Entertainment Hub in action. While it’s best viewed on a smartphone, it will render perfectly on devices of all sizes.

Book a demo today to find out how the Komo Entertainment Hub can work for you

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Case Study: West Coast Fever In-Stadium Activations

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Case Study: Pilot Pens’ 100 Year Anniversary

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Case Study: Expedia

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Case Study: Suncorp #teamgirls

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