komo live

An adrenaline pumping live arena experience

Capture the attention of the entire arena with a gamified and immersive fan experience. Komo LIVE is the ultimate live event commercial asset, closing the loop between fan engagement and action with your commercial partners

Exmaples of how Komo Live can be used by brands for audience engagement

Connecting brands and fans with an immersive 2 minute fan frenzy

Komo Live lead generation

Lead Generation

When the big screen explodes into a 30-second countdown clock, the audience scurries to register their details to play and win

Komo Live Audience Engagement

All eyes on your brand

The highly engaged audience will actually be interacting with your brand, resulting in a whole new level of brand recognition and recall

Komo Live Competitions and digital vouchers

Everyone wins

Komo Live competitions can be games of skill or chance. You can also reward every participant with a Komo Digital Voucher driving sales or product sampling in store

Are you ready to set your next event into a fan frenzy?


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