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Komo Live for Pro Sports Clubs

How much do you know about who attends your games?

The ‘Mystery Fan’ epidemic is a serious problem that has a major effect on sports teams’ profits. Statistics show that on average, one buyer purchases 3 tickets – who are those extra 2 fans? Komo Live can help you learn more about who is attending your games while providing a more engaging game-day experience.

Exmaples of how Komo Live can be used by brands for audience engagement

Komo Live has been used by

Komo Live Audience Engagement
Komo Live Competitions and digital vouchers
Komo Live Competitions and digital vouchers
Komo Live Competitions and digital vouchers

Komo Live uses fun and engaging gamification principles to entertain and activate large crowds at sports stadiums.

Komo Live lead generation

Capture Fan Data

Find out who your fans really are and what their preferences are for engaging with your team

Komo Live Audience Engagement

Increase Sponsor ROI

We involve your fans in the process which leads to much higher than average activation rates and better returns for your sponsors

Komo Live Competitions and digital vouchers

Boost Future Revenue

Use the collected data to increase future merchandise and ticket sales or combine Live with Komo Digital Coupons to track and attribute sales conversions

How does Komo Live work?

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Are you ready to set your next event into a fan frenzy?


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