January Major Updates: 

  • NEW CARD TYPE: Introducing the ‘Multi Poll’ which enables you to ask multiple poll or quiz types questions within one card interface. This card also gives you the option to hide both percentages and correct answers, as specific competitions require.
  • Favicons: We have added more ways to make your hub, YOUR hub; with the ability to add custom favicons to your hubs.
  • Komo Coupons: We have overhauled our coupon product to make them easier than ever to use and increase sales. These have been used by Optus Perks, Caltex, Hungry Jacks, Coca Cola and many more. you can check out the case studies here.
  • Checklists: The checklist card has been redesigned to offer a much more streamlined experience when creating your checklists. This includes a rethink of how the settings were laid out and how the points are awarded to each outcome.
  • Secret Codes: The ability to add secret codes to a card. This enables you to drive traffic, either digitally or in-store to a location to find a hidden code which gives access to any card you wish, whether it be to enter hidden competitions, take part in certain games or to gain access to exclusive content.


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